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Jimmy: But then my Girlfriend happened to be upstairs in the house, terrified.

John: Okay, so this is problem. So my friends and I are assembling these… I think there were 30 of us and then we heard a crash and was that weird thing of human fear where we all knew what that meant, which was someone was home and someone said ‘What was that?’ and I just overroaded  totally denied it and I was like ‘Nothing, keep going’ and I was so scared and then all of sudden we heard a crash again and I was like ‘Oh my God, someone’s upstairs. Oh my God’. So I thought it was your son so I go ‘Kev? Kev?’ and I’m like yelling upstairs and all of a sudden you hear … running and I said ‘Well, someone is confident enough to charge me. This isn’t gonna go well’. I thought if you’re taking notes from a rino, we’re in a lot of trouble and it was your girlfriend who came down, was very nice and she said ‘Hey, all this looks amazing.’  I was so scared from the chargin’ that I didn’t even say hello to her and we know each other very well. And I was like ‘Hey, how you doing?” and I think I peed my pants a little bit but I like moved, and all I could was go back to assembling Santa, being like I gotta give my fear in a good use and then 7 minutes later I gave her a hug and I was like ‘Hello, how are you?’. (x)

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